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     The Churches

    Raunds: The church of St Peter
    Hargrave: All Hallows' Church
    Ringstead: The Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
    Stanwick: The Church of St Laurence

    St Peter's, Raunds 'Great Past, Greater Future' campaign.  To go to the appeal website please click here

    Farewell to Shena

    It is over 12 years now since the parishes of Raunds, Hargrave, Ringstead and Stanwick began a new phase as they were joined together to become a benefice.  The '4 Spires Benefice' came into being.  That was the beginning of Shena's time with us.  During this time she has helped us to adjust and led us on to work together.  She has had a very challenging time meeting the needs of 4 diverse and expanding parishes.

    With Shena's encouragement we now have a much broader pattern of worship, we have begun many new ventures which reach out to the wider community, we have embraced technology (well, most have!), and there are many more people taking part in lay ministry.  We owe Shena a huge debt of gratitude for leading us forward.  Many of us said that it was a role too large for any one person to accomplish but we only have to reflect back to see just how much Shena has done for us.

    Now it is time for her to move on, into retirement, but the legacy she leaves will be part of this benefice for many years to come.  Thank you Shena, enjoy your well-deserved rest.


     For further information regarding the theft off church roofs please follow the link http://www.ecclesiastical.com/ChurchMatters/churchguidance/churchsecurity/roof-alarms.aspx

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    Almighty God, as your kingdom dawns, turn us from the darkness of sin to the light of holiness, that we may be ready to meet you in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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