Letter from the Rector




Dear Friends,

It’s hard to believe that Advent is on us once again. It’s time to get out the Advent Candle or Calendar and start counting down the days until Christmas. Why we do that? We do it because Advent is a time of hope and expectation. Expectation as we look forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Jesus came to restore us to a right relationship with the Father. It’s not the ‘baby’ Jesus whose return we anticipate, but the Jesus who will heal our broken world and our broken lives and who will restore God’s justice to the world he created.

At times, in our modern culture we can forget what Christmas is truly about and can get caught up in the fun and excitement of buying gifts and planning celebrations with family and friends. This may be particularly true this time around after celebrations were so curtailed last year. We can be swept away with it all. This is why Advent is so important. If we allow ourselves, for a short time each day we can step away from all that hubbub and quieten ourselves to reflect on what it means that Jesus came into the world as a tiny, vulnerable human baby. He brought hope to a lost and broken world and continues to do so over two thousand years later.

Hope and expectation are not limited to celebrating his birth. Advent is also a season of looking forward. Looking forward to his promised return when all things will be made new again. When we and the world God created become exactly what God intended it and us to be. Let’s make time to reflect too on whether we are ready for His return and what changes we may need to make in our lives and attitudes to ensure that we won’t be caught napping when the time comes.

These past two years have taught us that the things we have planned with hope and expectation such as holidays or time spent with family can be pulled from our grasp at a moment’s notice. This is not the case with the hope we have in Jesus Christ which Advent reminds us of. Jesus is our sure and certain hope. The only hope we can rely on in a changing and turbulent world.

I wish you all a blessed and peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Rev Jon
December 2021










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